Let us begin our comparison to android OS and windows phones 7

  1. OS android includes more attributes:

As in comparison to other phones, windows lack a whole lot of features that are supported OS android apparatus and by telephones. By way of example, it lacks paste and cut choice. You cannot merge your e-mail inbox. It will get a good deal of buyers, when there attributes are incorporated within this mobile.

  1. Android OS has customizing alternatives:

Windows it doesn’t provide house display widgets to you, or reside backgrounds. Solutions cannot be installed by you for extending share choices. Android OS supplies you excellent customizing choices.

  1. OS android provides programs:

You will find nearly 100,000 software available with OS android however, the windows a phone 7 has been supported with over 100 software. There’s a good deal of space for software.

  1. version 1.0 is being used by windows mobile 7

Software programmers are currently introducing many programs regular.

So if you would like to use a much better or updated application on your windows phones 7, then you may need to search to get v2.0 to find the software which other smart phones encourage.

Wp7 is just GSM network is used extensively around the world. However, wp7 isn’t a solution for network providers.

Looking for other option, the users can simply download Vidmate app for entertainment.